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How Laid Back Is Aaron?!

 He's so easy-going during "A Time To Relax," but is he always like that?!  What does he do for fun?  What about vacations?  Here's where you'll get to know Aaron a little bit better (and he might even surprise you).

Aaron Neville Christmas Show at Caswell County

This weekend was a great one! I had the chance to meet one of my all time favorite singers, Aaron Neville. He was a really nice guy and an awesome performer! He did a lot of classic hits, and of course some Christmas tunes. Here's a video from the show of one of his biggest hits.

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12/18/2010 3:56PM
Aaron Neville Christmas Show at Caswell County
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03/22/2011 9:00PM
NC Liv
Very awesome, bet it was a great experience for you!
07/24/2011 7:35AM
Do you play Aaron Neville to my daughters, to put them to sleep?
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