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Bud Light Cruise Party - Aug. 2009
WBTM gave away another great Bud Light cruise on a hot summer night - a good time was had by all, with food, fun, and dancing!
The beverage of choice for the evening...
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The beverage of choice for the evening...

Welcome to the party!

WBTM's Billy & Barry

Alex chattin' it up with the ladies.

Alex gettin' his groove on.

Dance party!

Dance, dance, dance!

A dancin' good time was had by all!

Slow dance anyone?

Winning prizes on the prize wheel...

Partygoers enjoy the beverage of the evening...

Party girls!

Line dancin'!

DJ Beesty and Hutch from WBTM ham it up!

The contest is underway!

Alex talks it up with Bud main man Davis...

We have a winner!

Yes, that's me!

The winner poses with Hutch & Alex from WBTM and Bud's Davis.

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