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The One and Only, Al Baby

He'll talk your head off about the Yankees; he'll give you a unique nickname and he'll "shoot the breeze" with you.  Heck, he gives you his opinions on the air all the time, so why not here?!

Football Woes and Basketball Start Up

The Colts are winless and I'm NOT surprised! For too long, Jim Irsay and Bill Pollian have depended on Peyton to cover the ills that have plagued the Colts for an inept defense, a porous offensive line, poor specialty team play, lack of a powerful running back, and no backup quarterback to speak of. It's a sad situation!! There are not enough draft choices to heal what ails these Colts!
Thank God the Tar Heels are now playing basketball...I've got something for which I can be proud!!

And I love the fact the Red Sox are continuing to disintegrate!!!!!!

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