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Phil Watlington celebrates 50 years at Piedmont Broadcasting Corporation! (July
On Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 - the voice of so many radio commercials and the host of the Sunday Morning Swing Shift music program on WBTM - Phil Watlington - celebrated 50 years at Piedmont Broadcasting Corporation at a special luncheon with co-workers, peers, and VIPs from the area.
Opening remarks by Dr. Bob Ashby
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Welcome guest of honor...

The surprise almost didn't happen!

Join us, guest of honor...

Opening remarks by Dr. Bob Ashby

Phil leads off the buffet line...

...and now he's ready to eat!

Co-workers and friends

Phil and staff photographer Barry Shelton

Phil and David Luther

Bob presents awards to Phil

Sharing a funny story

Touching reflection

Board members Landon Wyatt & Fred Blair speak

David Luther speaks

Oh that's a good story!

All smiles

Charles Ellis speaks

Proud Phil

Phil and Charles share a heartfelt hug

Uh-oh... Alex speaks!

Alex recalls memories of Phil

This looks like some kind of tall-tale

Phil tells his side of a story

The guest of honor takes the floor

Telling it like it was... and is.

A round of applause!

Greeting his fans and friends

Phil's friends Barry and Aaron

Phil and friend Robin

Phil with awards

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