Sounds of the 70's w/ Alex
Rising Stars Youth Talent Show - at the Fair 9/23/11
The area youth came out in force and showed their talents on the stage at the Danville-Pittsylvania County Fair on Friday, September 23rd, 2011.   (The event was rescheduled due to rain on Wednesday, September 21st.) 
The judges sharing a laugh
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The young talent await the stage

Assembling pre-show

Alex prepping the stage

Emcee Alex addresses the audience

The crowd awaits the show

The judges sharing a laugh

Must've been something Alex said!

Alex talks with the first contestant

Alex chats with Drake Gunnell

Drake Gunnell on the keyboard

The audience enjoys the show

The audience wonders how the judges are scoring

Alex talks to Lydia Grace Honeycutt

She sings her heart out

Side stage the other contestants await their turn

Alex points out Gavin Parrish's fan club!

Gavin took on the pop song by Train \"Hey, Soul Sister\"

Alex checks in with the crowd

Alex hears Meghan Blair's story

She seems happy and confident!

Singing her way to the win

Rockin' the stage as the sun goes down

Gettin' down!

Kalie Carothers chats it up with Alex

Gettin' ready to belt out her tune

She sings it up!

Alex and Savannah Dalton have a word or two

An amusing moment on stage

Are you going to let her sing today or what?

She seems relieved to have the stage back to herself

Gettin' ready for her cue

The songbird sings!

Alex looks up to a young but tall Drew Gunnell

Drew and Alex discussing music and such

Drew looks ready to get on with it

Drew Gunnell on the keyboard

Alex and the last contestant, Darby S. Tucker

Alex has got her laughing!

She tears into her version of Jason Aldean's \"Dirt Road Anthem\"

Putting a girl's spin on the song

Awaitng the judge's decision, Alex has the group harmonize

The Rising Stars Chorale

Alex looks on while they do their thing

Ready for the judges' decision

The decision is IN!

The 7 to 9 age group winners

The winners in the 10 to 12 age group

Gavin seems surprised!

Working his way down the list of winners

Here we go!

Alex congratulates Meghan Blair - winner!

Goodnight, everyone!

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