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The One and Only, Al Baby

He'll talk your head off about the Yankees; he'll give you a unique nickname and he'll "shoot the breeze" with you.  Heck, he gives you his opinions on the air all the time, so why not here?!

Sports Talk with AV

We should not have lost to the Tigers. We certainly had our chances in the deciding game. Surprisingly we got good was the clutch hitting that went south. A-Rod continues to be a total embarrassment in the postseason...that is UNACCEPTABLE for the kind of money he's making. He's NO Mr. October!!!!!!

And I'm having one of the longest NFL seasons in recent memory with my Peyton-less Baltimore Colts(have not acknowledged the move)!

So now I turn my attention to the University of North Carolina Basketball Tar Heels. It WILL be a season to remember...barring significant injuries. I see another national championship...Go Heels!!!!!!!!!

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