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Tar Heels Have a Great Season!

When one considers the debacle of last season...and this season that started out poorly, to say the's pride swells as the Heels made it to the "Elite 8".  The Heels making it further than any other ACC team! Our achilles heel came back to haunt us...the inability to hit the 3 point shot with any kind of regularity. Kentucky was 12-22 from 3 point land...Carolina 3-16. That my friend tells you all you need to know! Give Calipari credit for calling that time out with about 2 minutes gone in the second half, after they had turned the ball over twice to Carolina, thus thwarting a Tar Heel surge early on. A very smart time out!
I have nothing but praise for the job done by Roy, his staff and the players. I can't wait til next season, when all return, including, hopefully "the quiet assassin"(Harrison Barnes), plus others to compliment this great program. Go Heels and thanks for a memorable season!
Now it's time for me to turn my attention to the New York Yankees!!

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