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Shaggin' on the Boulevard with Johnny Dollar

If it's happening in the world of beach music, he can tell you all about it. If it happened on the boardwalk 30 years ago, he was there.  Johnny Dollar is a Beach Music Hall of Fame DJ who keeps up with the what the bands are doing and what songs are topping the charts.

He started as a party DJ with Music for All O'Kaysions in 1974. Today, you'll find him at major events still having fun playing the music he loves.

Even though you may mistake him for Robert Redford or Bon Jovi, don't be surprised to find him on the golf course with Beach, Blues, or Soul music playing on his iPod

Enjoy reminiscing with Johnny Dollar and finding out the latest news in the Beach Music World every Sunday night on WBTM.

Video Tribute to General Johnson

This slideshow collection and this song really reflect what the General meant to so many of us.

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10/24/2010 9:21PM
Video Tribute to General Johnson
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10/29/2010 9:42AM
Great Tribute to "The General"
First time seeing the Chairman of the board,General Johnson perform live...360 Drive-In - KMS
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