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Occasionally life, and the music that goes with it, just strikes a "chord" and I have to talk about where it's taking me.

What songs are on your soundtrack?

My life has this underlying sound track to it. Does yours? Whenever I hear “Be Kind to Your Parents” (True, that doesn’t happen very often these days…) I think of my red record player that I would play that song on while I “cleaned” my room.
Whenever I hear “You Were Always On My Mind,” I think of the boy who dumped me to go back to his old girlfriend. (I’m better for it, believe me.)
When I got my first stereo, I put the speakers in the window and blasted Fats Domino’s “Blueberry Hill.” I cried to Mel Carter’s “Hold Me, Thrill Me.”
Billy Swan’s “I Can Help” takes me back to picture day in 3rd grade. I could hear it playing on my mother’s radio. I was so excited that I had cut my bangs so that I would look good in my picture….When Mom turned around to show me what she wanted to wear for the picture, she froze. This moment is a lot funnier now than it was when Billy Swan sang out, “It would sure do me good to do you good. Let me help.”
The Tams singing “Be Young, Be Foolish” takes me to the first time I saw my dad dance with my mom. My dad SANG Tams songs to us all through my childhood, but on this particular night, I was a college graduate. My family and I were sitting in the bleachers at a First-Night Sock Hop that my brother had done all the lighting for. When this song started, my dad grabbed my mom and said, “Let’s go!” He dragged her out there and took her all over the floor as they both laughed and talked.
I said to my brother, “Have you ever seen them dance?” 
He turned slowly to me and said very carefully, “They chaperoned a lot more dances after you left.”
At that point, I knew the whole story…and I laughed until I cried.
My first date with the man who would be my husband was a Steve Martin movie. Remember “My Blue Heaven”? Can you imagine the tears that came when Mel Carter himself stood on that Alabama Theatre stage at the CBMA Awards and sang that song? I just knew he was singing that for us.
What is your sound track? One of the reasons I love being at WBTM is that I know the songs we play flood you with memories and stories. I also know there will be moments today that you’ll remember because of the song that is playing…and that is why I love radio so much.

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10/24/2010 6:24PM
What songs are on your soundtrack?
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