Contest Rules

Effective October 1st, 2015

NEW WBTM Generic Contest Rules:

  1. One win per household per month (does not apply to Secret Sound)
  2. Prizes must be taken as offered.
  3. Prizes may not be sold
  4. WBTM reserves the right to change specific contest rules if deemed necessary
  5. Employees and immediate family members of WBTM may not enter contests.
  6. Information provided to the on-air personality and/or our front desk after winning a prize must be correct. If falsified information is given, WBTM reserves the right to retract the win and deny the listener his/her prize – meaning the prize is immediately forfieted.

Remember to see specific rules for all contests.

Click on the links below to view contest rules for individual online giveaways. Rules for contests will remain on our website 30 days post the giveaway date.

VIR VIP Experience

Jam on the Dan VIP

Secret Sound: Listeners may call in to guess the WBTM Secret Sound, even if he/she has won a prize earlier within the month. Contest participation does not guarantee a win. There is only one winner – the person who correctly (and specifically) identifies the Secret Sound.

Web Contests: Listeners may enter as the rules specify. There are no stipulations or time restrictions of the number of times a person can win online at this time. A person may play and win more than once a month at

On Location Contests: This is when WBTM is doing a live broadcast at a business and a give away box or contest is on site. One entry per person per event. A person may attend and enter at as many live broadcasts as they wish. Wins at live broadcasts do not count as on-air wins.

All contest rules are one win per household per month.

Scrapbook/Listener Pictures on the Web: WBTM will take photographs of winners of promotions. Since contests are so heavily advertised on our website and on-air, WBTM feels as though the public would like to be involved when it comes to showcasing the winner. Those who win these promotions need to understand that their picture will be taken by a WBTM employee and could be displayed on our website, social media networking sites or with any promotion dealing with a similiar event.

Use of Listeners Audio: WBTM has several on-air contests where listeners have to be the correct caller, answer a trivia question or identify a specific clip. Listeners may be recorded and played back on the air.

WBTM enjoys interacting with listeners. When a listener calls and has a funny joke, comment about a contest or artist or something interesting that the on-air personality feels will benefit the quality of his/her show, they may record the listener and play him/her back on the air.

Remember, anytime you call and speak with us on the air or leave a message on our station voicemail, WBTM reserves the right to use that audio for future station promotion.