Featured Hero: Jermaine Parker

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Growing up in Danville for me was challenging but a great teaching tool. I grew up on the Northside of Danville, around the Washington Street and Claiborne Street area. My mom worked for a company call Richmond Cedar Works and my dad worked for a moving company Merchants Delivery to help make my life a little smoother. I didn’t have a lot as the kids today but I had lots of love to go with what I had. There were days they were working hard to try and provide for me and my family that I had opportunities to spend with my grandparents. I have to admit I was spoiled rotten by them and to this day by all…lol. I learned a lot just by spending time with them and listening to every piece of advice I could that would make me better. My grandparents and parents would drag me to church for Sunday school, Bible Study and Sunday Service. I do believe to this day this strong religious calling on my life is to some of their credit. On some days after school or church you could find me on the church steps in the community talking to others or listening as people talk to me, I really was an old soul.

To bring this up to now, the teaching tool is this I am currently a Pastor, teacher, coach, mentor and life coach. I have a strong love and desire for everyone that I come in contact with to make them have awareness: do not despise small beginnings and you can be anything you want to be (especially my youth). I love my community and promise to give back every service that was given to me. I have been blessed in many capacities to give back to my community. There have been opportunities afforded to me to work as hospital chaplain, on youth NAACP board, Boys and Girls Club, funeral homes, school system and housing boards, just to name a few. This is my way of giving back to my community and to build that strong unity and love dynamic that is need to help our city and region continue to prosper.