Featured Hero: Kirby Wright

Worked in Pittsylvania county schools for 37 years as director of alternative education till 1996.

Then to Danville community college until he retired in 1999.

Opened RC Wright Group home which is now known as Negril corporation helping people with mental and physical disabilities.   Opened the company with his brother who worked in Alternative education in the city school system.

While attending a meeting in Chicago with regards to Negril and alternative education he took note of the limousines moving around the canal area downtown. He thought that Danville didn’t have a service like that so upon return he bought his first Nissan passenger van and started W&W Luxury limo service. While slowly finding need for larger and more luxury vehicles purchases were made in NY and Las Vegas to add to the fleet which now consists of more than 15 vehicles.

The car wash much like his other ventures were based around needs voiced both by family but also by community members.

Kirby markets himself as a dreamer and has shown continued success in whatever field he delves into.