The Mike Harvey Show

A packed house does the wave!

Check out those crazy eyes!

Great lights and visuals

\"Weird Al\" and his guitarist harmonize

Rockin' out with Al

Video accompaniment on the screens

During the Polka song medley intro

\"Weird Al\" parodies the best!

Singin' a heartfelt part?

Rockin' that accordion!

Communicating with the band

Funny stuff!

Jammin' with the band

Wild video and light show

\"Weird Al\" and his guitarist

Weird Al and his guitar player rock out!

Whoa! Now THAT'S a look!

The zany, talented \"Weird Al\" Yankovic


More bubbles!

Even more bubbles?

Gettin' down!

\"Weird Al\" and his band

Sing it, Al!

Jammin' on that accordion

\"Weird Al\" Yankovic sings!

Gettin' serious about being funny

Up close and personal


\"Weird Al\" and his band rock it up!

Neat visuals on the screens

Great light show

Master of the accordion

Standee in the lobby

Rockin' the keys!

Singin' and playin' the keys!

Wailin' away!

The band rocks the house!

What a WEIRD look, Al!

The drummer says HI

Funky visuals!

Funky & fun!

Gettin' wild with the band!

Creepy drumhead art

Hair everywhere!

Jammin' \"Weird Al\"!

The master of the parody song!

Crazy eyed Al

Arms wide open

Rockin' the spotlights!

Jim rocks out!

Weird Als' guitarist sings backups, too!

Sing and play it, Al!

Goofy graphics!

Stormtrooper poses

Barry Shelton hangin' with a 'trooper

Barry Shelton with a Stormtrooper

Up close and personal

J.J. Herndon with a Stormtrooper

TRUE Weird Al fans

Kids of all ages enjoyed the pics

The kids had fun posing

A young fan pays his respects

Barry Shelton with the Star Wars ensemble

J.J. Herndon with the Star Wars ensemble

Steve Jay, Al's bassist meets the fans

J.J. Herndon with Steve Jay Als' bass player

Barry Shelton and Steve Jay, bassist

Steve Jay, bass player's autograph

Photo pass is wild, too!

Jim \"Kimo\" West, Weird Al's guitarist

Weird Al 'stuff'

\"Weird Al\" trading cards

new tshirt/cd design art

tour dates

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