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Here is a chat/photo-video with a very funny and sharp group of young people. They are part of a theatre group that is doing "Beauty and the Beast Jr" and we had a lot of fun when they were in the studio.

I appreciate Dr. Mike Moore joining us in the studio to share memories of growing up as a cousin to Andy Griffith.  Dr. Moore's interview is below.  Scroll down for that and other great local videos, including an interview about what it's like for "American Pickers" to visit your home. They've been to our area twice.

American Pickers came to the area to visit with our Receptionist Betty, her husband and their collection of stuff.  You can scroll down for a chat with Betty and a photovideo made from pictures of the visit.

Next, Jack Garrett dropped by with a box of photos and memories about Raven Records--a local recording studio that put a lot of local bands on the map 40+ years ago. Scroll down a bit to experience Jack's memories about groups like "The Soulmasters" and "Gene and the Team Beats".
     In the next video,  Danville's history is beautiful through the lense of 100 years of postcards, and I appreciate Dr. Harold Henry loaning me his collection after 12 years of begging him! Enjoy the photovideo.

Next is the chat we had with the Church Sisters--local teenage twins who are on  a new Mark Twain Tribute CD with Jimmy Buffett, Cheryl Crow and Clint Eastwood 

Following that is my chat with Lawrence McFall about the fascinating new book "Wicked Danville". 
Below it, you can see how beautiful Danville is in the snow as you enjoy a photovideo of aerial pictures.


Here is our chat with Larewnce McFall:

Enjoy this photomovie of snow pictures taken last winter. 

Here is a video recap of "Project  Homefront", where we partnered with God's Pit Crew to build a home for a disabled, financially hurting veteran.

Below is a short version of "The Race to the Dan", a video  adaptation of Larry Aaron's book about how the Revolutionary War was turned around (the colonies were losing the war) in battles just east of here.  Hutch is in the process of producing a longer version with interview from historians, as well as some live action to add a bit of energy.




                                     Memory Walk Photomovie



If you would enjoy seeing Danville from the air, let's "go flying" !

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