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Afternoons with Alex
When you want hours of un-biased opinions... you go somewhere else! Alex will mix it up with hours of great music and conversation. Could be about the Yankees, the NC Tar Heels, the Colts, the latest strange findings or Hollywood news. Either way, the drive home will be more entertaining and fun with Alex. 


Wonder What's on Al Baby's Mind? Look Here to Find Out!

Alex In Remorse - Jan. 2013

See Alex going through the emotions as he faces a great loss...

Alex & the Boys - NY 2012

Alex and the boys journeyed yet again to the "Big Apple."   Check out the fun and excitement of their 2012 trip thru some great pictures!   Photos courtesy of Gus Galvez.

Alex and the boys take over NY - July 2011

Alex and the boys take over The Big Apple for baseball and more!    Photos courtesy of Gus Galvez (Zorro).

Yankees Spring Training 2011

Through the camera lens of Ed & Myra Kryscnski (Alex's Spring Training "partners-in-crime").

10 Unbelievable Things

You may not have seen all of the year's most impressive milestones and visuals. Fortunately, we've found 10 events that show us just how far we've come, and what could be...
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