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My AJ Burnett Suggestion

AJ Burnett must go!  He's a head case...his issues are between his ears!  He's got good question about that!  He can be sailing along...then suddenly without warning...he implodes.  Let him get a runner on first base...he implodes.  If he makes it to the fifth inning...begin to get nervous.  If he makes it past the fifth, it's almost a guarantee he won't get through the sixth.

     I appeal to the Yankees to try hypnotizing him before his next several starts and see if that makes a difference.  If not...get rid of him! What a waste of $32,000,000!!

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08/23/2011 3:18PM
My AJ Burnett Suggestion
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11/07/2011 10:42PM
A J Burnett makes $32,000,000
Alex,tELL ME IT IS NOT SO !! A J Burnett can not be paid $32,000,000 in US dollars. I know a pitcher in the minors that is better.Won more games, too.
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