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Peyton's Departure

It's the end of an era with my Colts. Another great and impressive QB has left the fold, following in the footsteps of the legendary Johnny Unitas. Peyton will be sorely missed!! His mannerisms reminded me so much of Johnny U! And he accomplished so much. At times, most of the time, carrying an inept team on his back, with the strength of his arm, and his incredible ability to read defenses and know their tendencies. The Johnny U's and Peyton Manning's are few and far between. Peyton a four time MVP, eleven time pro bowler, 399 TD's, carried his team to eleven-10 plus win seasons, and one Super Bowl win in '06. Could have been more, had he had more help on the other side of the ball!!
So where does he end up...your guess is as good as mine! But I do KNOW this...where ever it is, Peyton WILL be successful!! Congratulations to Archie and Olivia...they raised a fine young man. If I had a son, I would be pleased if Peyton was his hero...for he is first class, top notch, and top drawer! He and Jim Irsay carried themselves beautifully today at the news conference. Thank God, Jim is NOT at all like his father!!!!!!!!!  
Here's wishing things could have worked out. Think about it... Peyton on the field...Andrew Luck learning on the sidelines from the master. Peyton retires...Andrew runs the team with Manning as his QB coach or offensive coordinator. Wishful thinking!!
Peyton God bless you, much continued success, and thanks for the memories! Stay healthy!

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