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Karen Clayton has my Vote

You've heard me talk about it on Sunday Night Beach & Motown and now I'm going to put it into print.

Beach music has a very few ladies in the business. All of them are dynamic in their own way. But at this year's CBMA the Female Vocalist nominee that has my vote is Karen Clayton of The Castaways.  With her powerful voice  and the group's latest album, which includes "The Boy Can Shag," Karen continues to bring a fresh sound to Beach Music.

But my vote for Karen goes way beyond the music. She has the ability to draw you in to the music, to make you a part of the party wherever the Castaways are playing.  She is also busy doing interviews and working as an ambassador for the music she loves. I don't think she realizes how influential she is on the women who love this music. 

If you are a member of CBMA, give Karen Clayton your vote. It's time she got the recognition for everything she contributes to this industry.

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10/08/2010 8:24PM
Karen Clayton has my Vote
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10/09/2010 8:17AM
She's a Danville girl. (Karen Dehart)
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