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Jim Gauldin
Jim got his first radio gig back in the day over on “Radio Lane” in the late 70’s, and says he wishes he’d pursued a career in radio. So when he got the opportunity to join us here at WBTM, he jumped at the chance.
That happened because of his experience as a club DJ at Miami’s in Riverside Center. Jim’s expertise was put to work helping Hutch with Friday Dance Party mixes. Five and a half years later, we’ve somehow convinced him this is the place to stay (thankfully for us!)
You may catch Jim in his ’67 Coronet R/T (440 with a 4 speed) at a car show. He walks for exercise, so you might see him anywhere, particularly on the Riverwalk Trail.
"Photography is a passion of mine. I got started in photography the 9th grade when I got a Pentax 1000 camera for Christmas. Back then, I even had a darkroom in my house where I could print black-and-white photos.
On Saturday afternoons, I showcase the more unusual and fun items from the news, and I'll bring you useful information that can help you in your everyday life. Oh, I'm playing the best music from the 70's, 80's, 90s and today and I'm taking your requests."

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