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Jaci Whitfield
On Saturday mornings, Jaci flies solo, bringing you little tidbits about new discoveries that might change the way you see your own life.  She also keeps you up-to-date on the area's weekend happenings and checks out all the yard sales with you on the Saturday edition of The Trading Post.

Then on Sunday nights, she's part of one of the coolest duos around! She and Johnny Dollar love to play that music that'll make you feel the ocean wind on your face and the sand between your toes. 

Jaci will let you know what's going on beach-wise and life-wise.

My work at WBTM is ironic on so many levels.

When I was in journalism school, all the Radio students said I just didn't have the right voice to do radio.

Then, when WBTM was giving away a stereo if you were willing to be on the air with Alex for three hours, my husband assured me that the stereo was worth the trouble.

After the Day of Fame Job Exchange was over and the stereo was sounding great in my living room, I was offered a job.  It was the perfect escape from the stresses of teaching.  And before too long, I got to come in and take over Alex's shift (when he wasn't in the building).

About the same time I started "real" work at the station, my husband joined Chuck & Don with the GW Football broadcast.  Clarke and I both enjoy being a part of your weekends on WBTM. (Well, Clarke can only say that during Football season.)

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