(Danville, VA) – The Danville Area Humane Society is hoping an upcoming workshop will help local children be kinder and more compassionate to animals .
Humane Society Director Paulette Dean says they’ll hold a three-hour “Animal Antics class for 8 to 10 year olds on August 3rd. Participants will tour the animal shelter, help bathe dogs, play with kittens, and hear vets talk about how to take care of pets.  Animal Control Officer Jessica Hodges will also share stories of animals she has rescued.
Dean says they hope the class will lead to a kinder future for local animals.



Image result for radial martinsville va(Martinsville, VA ) – A Martinsville fulfillment center is ready to start hiring 2,000 workers to get them through the Christmas rush.  Kelly Scally, Director of Strategic Staffing for Radial, says the temporary jobs are a great way to earn some extra cash, but for those who want more, she says there’s a great chance  that you could be hired on full-time when the seasonal job ends.  One thousand of the 1600 seasonal workers hired last year, did just that.

Image result for Floyd Oliver Hunt, Jr chatham va(Chatham, VA) – A 42-year-old Altavista man will spend the rest of his life in prison for sexually assaulting a 61-year-old woman last year.  The victim told the court that Floyd Oliver Hunt, Jr. broke into her home on October 6th after she had gone to bed and attacked her repeatedly. She was finally able to escape and call police after he fell asleep.  A Pittsylvania County jury convicted Hunt of multiple sex charges in the case in December, and recommended a sentence of seven life sentences.  Judge Stacey Moreau upheld that sentence yesterday.

South Boston News(Halifax, VA) – A Danville man could get up to 8 years in prison for his part in a shooting at the VFW Post in Halifax last year.  21-year-old Malik Ratwon Cobbs was identified by witnesses as one of the people who fired shots at partygoers having a birthday celebration at the VFW post in April of last year.  Five people were wounded, one seriously.  Cobbs is set for sentencing in September.  No other arrests have been made in the case.

Image result for god's pit crewDANVILLE, Va. (WSET) – God’s Pit Crew is well known for their disaster relief work, but yesterday, they turned their efforts to the local community, handing out food and other essentials to residents of Cardinal Village.  Several residents said they rely on food stamps that never stretch far enough, so giveaways like this one help carry them through the month.  A spokesman for God’s Pit Crew says they’re planning to return to Cardinal Village with more free goods next month.

Image result for thunderstorm(Danville, VA) – The severe thunderstorm that rolled through the Danville area Wednesday night left nearly a thousand customers without power, mostly in the southern part of the city. A spokeperson for Danville Power and Light says there were a few actual lightning strikes, but for the most part it was the sheer intensity of the electricity coming from the storm that opened switches, cutting off power in those areas. She says this was an unusual situation because the outages were very scattered.  Homes at one end of a street may have power, while their neighbors further up had none.  The spokesperson says most power was restored by 4 am.