ROCKY MOUNT, Va. (AP) — Officials in southwestern Virginia’s Franklin County have voted to keep a Confederate monument in place outside the courthouse.

The the county supervisors took the vote on Tuesday.

The statue of the Confederate soldier stands outside the Franklin County Courthouse in Rocky Mount, which is south of Roanoke.

The vote followed a nonbinding referendum on Nov. 3 that asked voters to weigh in on whether the statue should be moved to a a museum or another site. About 69% were in favor of leaving the statue where it is.

Residents who wanted the statue moved have pointed out that only about 8% of the county residents are Black.

The board voted for the referendum over the summer after hearing from residents who called the statue a symbol of white supremacy. Monuments across the American South have drawn increasing attention following the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died in Minneapolis police custody.

Some of the supervisors discussed on Tuesday the possibility of putting a plaque near the statue to add more context. But the board deferred discussion on the matter to a later date.

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