For sale 2001 Yamaha Roadstar 23,000 miles 434-548-2742

For sale 2 couches 434-836-6213

Looking for damsons wiling to trade for peas or buy outright 336-388-2982

For sale DVDs, board games, beer signs, wheel chair/shower chair, sink with cabinet, Looking for yard work 336-944-9603

For sale refrigerator, washer, dryer 434-710-1425

Looking for shutters 60″ long, female flop eared bunny, For sale guinea pigs 434-724-4411

For sale glassware, board games, biblical CDs, jewelry making kits 984-239-1398

For sale red yard brick 434-836-1575

Looking for yard work help 434-792-9216

For sale wreaths, looking for CD player/radio, western decor, 336-932-9432 text only

For sale 3pc drink ware set, Christmas candle, dishware, meat loaf pan, plastic containers, women’s adult diapers and pads 434-429-5994

For sale 40″ riding mower, barrel table, looking for painting/ maintenance work 434-429-0879

For sale oak and hickory logs 434-251-6264

For sale I beam, mini NFL helmets, country cassettes, kerosene pump, Looking for home grown tomatoes 434-685-3504

For sale ferret with cage, king size bed frame 434-250-2468

For sale electric range, refrigerators, chest of drawers, dryer, curio cabinet 434-770-9793

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