• 10 gallon aquarium $10/spider lamp/ 434-228-2604
  • Refrigerator and metal cabinet (free—come pick up), walker $20, wheelchair $50, crutches $10, doll bed $20 434-713-3731
  • Miniature houses made from wood chips $15/Wreaths/looking for western memorabilia 336-932-9432
  • Free cats and kittens 336-891-8102
  • Halloween earrings that light up/Corning dishes/jewelry box $10/old magazines (“Look”, “Life” etc) 250-0317
  • Firewood and logs/ 2 big dogs(been together since birth and need to be kept together 434-251-6264
  • Looking for local apples 434-334-8634
  • -91 S10 4WD Blazer 434-770-6300
  • 01 Blazer 4 door no reverse on transmission $400/flat screen tv 55”/will do handyman work/2 scooters   434-728-1073

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