Garage sale W-Sat 907 Montgomery Street Reidsville, car seat, DVDs, TV, Looking for lift chair 336-944-9603 (2nd Call)

For sale gator bed liner, looking for dune buggy and go karts, HD Chevy motor of truck, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, 336-266-2976 (2nd Call)

For sale 19″ TV 434-710-0521

FOr sale A/C unit 6500 BTU, 434-822-8347

Looking for head spring for weed eater, for sale kerosene pump, country music cassettes, scroll saw, mini NFL helmets, wire fish basket 434-685-3504 (2nd Call)

Looking for bales of hay 434-203-1590

For sale metal patio set, 1878 silver dollar 434-835-3073

For sale chest freezer 434-836-0195

Looking for yard work, AM/FM radio 336-932-9432 (2nd Call)

For sale oak and hickory wood, Looking for tractors with 3pt hook up 434-251-6264

For sale car seat 434-421-1248

Looking for pressure washing, painting handyman work 434-429-0879

Yard sale, retro table and chairs, furniture, collectibles 809 East Gretna Road

For sale 1996 GMC Sonoma 4wd 434-713-6005 (2nd Call)

Looking for cleaning work, baby sitting, yard work 434-710-3309

Friday night dancing, 7-9:30 Nature Center Ballou Park


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