In an effort to help with cleaning up the damage from the storm, the Danville Public Works Department is waiving volume restrictions for collection of tree limbs and cuttings, brush and other storm debris to help city residents. The waiver will be in effect for two weeks, and it applies to residents who pay the full refuse fee. Residents who do not pay the full refuse fee will need to use their private hauler for removal and disposal.

The storm debris will be collected on the regular weekly schedule for yard waste. Crews will be working extended hours, and additional personnel have been re-assigned to assist.

Residents are asked to follow these guidelines:

  • Place the debris at the edge of the property line, but do not block sidewalks or allow the debris to extend into the street. Also, debris should be placed away from utility poles, guide wires, mailboxes, and fire hydrants.
  • Do not mix tree limbs, cuttings and brush with other debris such as roofing tiles, fence materials or other items damaged during the storm.
  • Do not mix garbage with the debris pile.
  • Tree stumps and root balls are not collected. Contractors are required to chip or haul their cuttings.

Automated garbage collection will remain on regular schedule.

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