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Kenny Lewis was born and raised in Danville.  He grew up in “Crook Town,” on Kings Mill Road.

He was the youngest of five children – having two brothers and two sisters.

When he was one year old, his mother passed away.  He was raised by his father, grandmother and aunt.  In high school, his father passed away.  During that time, his oldest brother, quit college and his dream of playing sports professionally, to move back home to Danville to make sure his siblings continued school and perused their dreams.

The children in his family were all athletically talented – one of his older brothers was actually drafted in the seventh round by the NBA team, Detroit Pistons.

Kenny attended Virginia Tech for college and then was drafted by the New York Jets to play professional football.

Even though his athletic career moved him to the northern part of the country and allowed him to travel, Kenny always had a strong attachment to Danville and always realized that it was the area he wanted to call “home.”

He would fill his schedule with opportunities to “give back” to the area that supported him during the loss of his father and his desire to succeed.  He would attend functions and be the motivational speaker for events.

He recognized that his purpose wasn’t only on the field, but in serving the community, charities and non-profit organizations.  He is known for being a big part of the Boys & Girls Club – including starting Danville’s chapter.

Church was always instrumental in Kenny’s life and continues to be a source of inspiration, faith and love in Kenny’s life and career.  He is a proud and active member of The Life Church (formerly known as Abundant Life on Mt. Cross Road) and a board member of the Danville Church Based Tutorial Program.  He is also acting principal of Abundant Life Christian Academy.

He wants to spread a message of unity – no matter the race, sex, age, religious beliefs or political views.  He believes that if Danville citizens can put aside any differences and realize that we all work better together, that the community will continue to grow.

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