Weekdays Jon carries on a tradition started over 50 years ago called the “Trading Post”. Its a time set aside each day (10am) for you, the individual, to bring your items and advertise them absolutely free once a week to one of the largest radio audiences in Danville.

After the “Trading Post” he has some really interesting information that may make your life easier or better. Add to that a great variety of music (that you can choose if you like) and you’ve got a pretty good way to spend part of your workday.

Jon is a Danville native with a wife and three beautiful and talented girls. Occasionall you may hear them on a commercial or two because he’s is also the “Creative Director” at Piedmont Broadcasting. He’ll put anybody in a commercial if they’ll let him! When he’s not on the radio he’s probably playing with some really cool gadget or on his computer.

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