Looking for tomatoes, seedless cucumbers, 2000 or newer mustang, contractor for steps and/or deck 434-792-9216

For sale recliner 434-441-1384

Looking for electrical contractor 434-250-5891

For sale ladies clothing size 6-8, East New Hope clothes closet and food giveaway 321 Airport Drive open Saturday 10:30-12ish 434-251-1537

For sale I-beam, scroll saw, mini NFL helmets, office chair, 26″ bicycle, kerosene pump 434-685-3504 (2nd Call)

For sale NASCAR items, stamps, paper rolls, scales, Rolling Stones album cover, Elvis albums no covers 434-710-5324

For sale dryer 434-251-6264

For sale microwave 434-713-9867 (2nd Call)

For sale hot peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, corn 434-688-8783 (2nd Call)

For sale push mowers,  pit bull puppies, Looking for lawn equipment for parts, pro grade R/C items/parts, handyman work 434-728-1073 (2nd Call)

For sale treadmill 434-425-6577

For sale Victorian chair, mixer, punch bowl set, Looking for concrete deck help/estimate 434-792-6355

Looking for canned vegetables 434-822-5070

For sale DVDs 434-554-1339 (3rd Call)

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