Danville Community College, in partnership with Dan River Region Entrepreneur Ecosystem; Longwood Small Business Development Center, River District Association, Danville/Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce, and The Launch Place, is seeking students from Pittsylvania County Schools, Danville Public Schools, Caswell Public Schools, area private schools, DCC, and the community to participate in its annual ‘Idea Fair’ being held in-person in the Temple Building on the DCC campus on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

“Innovation, imagination, and big ideas are concepts that we want to foster and grow at DCC,” said Dr. Jerry Wallace, president of DCC. “By offering a venue for students to come present their work, we create a safe space for students to be wildly innovative and to be recognized for their ideas. As an institution of higher education, our ability to be involved in this project is exceptionally important to us.”

The ‘Idea Fair’ is conducted each year on ‘National Entrepreneur’s Day’, an annual observance occurring on the third Tuesday of November, which honors people who have built an empire from absolutely nothing.

“Hosting the Idea Fair at DCC is always exciting,” said Dr. Cornelius Johnson, vice president of Academic Affairs and Student Services. “Participants always come prepared with amazing projects and ideas they have put a lot of work and thought into. It is wonderful to see the collective innovation of students from our region.”

The ‘Idea Fair’, meant to ignite innovation and creativity in students, seeks to address disparities, such as the lack of intentional entrepreneurial programming for women and people of color, an underdeveloped pipeline for youth entrepreneurship, and a lack of support for entrepreneurs facing isolation.

“Every great invention or business started with an idea,” said Dr. Willie Sherman, professor of business at DCC and coordinator of the Idea Fair. “We encourage our participants to share their ideas because those ideas could become a business or invention that could change the lives of many.”


To participate, students submit their original entrepreneurial ideas to be judged by a panel of volunteers from local high schools, universities, and businesses. Projects will be judged on originality, creativity, project design, presentation, innovation, diversity, economic impact, sustainability, and how well the project solves a relevant problem. Participants must be present to explain their projects to the Judges and other attendees.


Winners will be awarded for their submissions:


  • First place prize for a high school senior attending DCC next year – $1,000
  • 1st place student – $300
  • 2nd place student – $200
  • 3rd place student – $100
  • Each additional participant – $50



To register, visit www.danville.edu/ideafair2022

For questions about the Idea Fair, please contact Dr. Willie Sherman at 434-797-8470, or willie.sherman@danville.edu

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