For sale furniture and appliances, 150 Gray Street 443-224-3310 or 434-728-3830 (2nd Call)

Looking for odd jobs 434-441-1384 (2nd Call)

Looking for sitting chair, 2x clothing, kitchen chairs, twin bed 434-251-4928

For sale cane, angel statue, flower stand, dish, vase, Marilyn Monroe posters 434-429-5994 (2nd Call)

Looking for drain cleaning machine, double car port, banjo 434-250-5880

Looking for 3-4 room home, mechanic 434-441-5820 or 728-8699 (2nd Call)

For sale bedroom suits both full and queen sizes 434-770-0946

Looking for garage sales, hope chest, food pantries 434-279-1186

For sale electric ranges, refrigerator 434-710-1425 (2nd Call)

For sale Coke glasses, Elvis albums, iron, PC games, NASCAR booklet, rolls of paper 434-710-5324 (2nd Call)

For sale recliner, cell phone 434-429-1500

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