For sale roll top desk, 56″w x 49″ high x 26″ deep 434-713-4185

For sale jeans, sweat pants, shorts, TV stand, free fire wood 434-425-3716

Looking for handyman, wooden dining chairs 434-728-1223

For sale 8 track tapes, Coke machine 434-251-2131

For sale 1995 Ford F150 4 x 4, wheels and tires, walker, shower chair, 19″ TV, free sleeper sofa 336-944-9603

For sale mountain bike, 22″ cut push mower, grill, exercise machine, 434-799-5754

For sale chest of drawers, dresser, refrigerator, dinette set, 434-710-1425

For sale car seats, swing, swag light, kids play chair, giraffe chair, Plexiglas shelf 434-799-5892

For sale jewelry box 434-857-5051

Moving sale 168 Clement Avenue, love seat, sofa, china cabinet, table, bedroom set 434-228-0452

Looking for gas powered hedge trimmer, 434-250-4776

For sale ladies pads, pull ups, shower chair, bedside commode, breathing hoses, tea pot 434-429-5994

For sale 20″ bike 434-709-5050

Looking for go karts, mini bikes, Yorkie 336-791-3157

For sale push mower with grass catcher, dethatcher for push mower, 1 ton chain hoist, front tire for zero turn mower, kerosene pump, bow saw 434-685-3504

For sale 8 ft railings, 15″ Cadillac hub caps, s-90/texture, nails 434-709-6125

Looking for deck door repair 434-429-6366

Looking for kerosene lanterns, 434-770-6473

For sale back support, leg support 434-710-7015

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