Three pets died during a structure fire in Danville on Sunday morning. The Danville Fire Department responded to the fire at 309 Astor Court. Upon arrival, Engine 2 noted smoke visible from both the front of the house and the ridgeline.

Taking immediate action, Engine 2 promptly pulled an attack line and entered the premises. Concurrently, Ladder 1 arrived and conducted a thorough primary search of the residence, revealing that no occupants were present. 

As Engine 2 proceeded to the basement, they successfully contained the fire to its room of origin, mitigating its spread throughout the home. Despite containment efforts, smoke damage affected the entire residence. Fortunately, no extension of the fire was detected on the main level or in the attic space.

Additionally, Engine 5 arrived on the scene and provided assistance by pulling a backup line and aiding in overhaul operations. No injuries were reported during the incident.

The Danville Fire Department deployed three engines, one ladder, and two support vehicles to the scene. The Danville Life Saving Crew provided essential support, assisting with firefighter rehabilitation and addressing any medical concerns.

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