Governor Glenn Youngkin yesterday signed SB 436 to strengthen Virginia’s workforce to ensure continued success and prosperity in the Commonwealth.

“This bill demonstrates our shared commitment to nurturing a skilled, adaptable, and resilient workforce in the Commonwealth and will create additional apprenticeship opportunities so that more Virginians are on a path to good-paying jobs,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “By investing in education, training, and collaboration between industries, we’re not only building a skilled workforce but also laying the foundation for sustained growth and prosperity in our Commonwealth.”

“Not everyone needs a multiyear degree, often it’s a credential that’s needed to get a good job or to advance to an even better one,” said Senator David Suetterlein.”This legislation helps develop more pathways for success by increasing the availability of highly demand, industry recognized credentials through data and a strengthened relationship between industry and workforce education.”

“For Virginia to remain an attractive destination for businesses to grow and thrive, we must have a strong, highly-skilled workforce. This legislation will help in our efforts to strengthen employment access and opportunities right here in the Commonwealth as we compete with other states for talent and industry,” said Delegate Wendell Walker. “Under Governor Youngkin’s leadership, we are working hard to keep Virginia the best place in the nation to do business.”

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