God’s Pit Crew’s Immediate Disaster Response Team has been assisting with flood relief efforts in Cleveland, Texas, since May 9, and will now be deploying a second volunteer team to Houston following a devastating line of windstorms.

In what is being referred to as a “once-in-a-generation” wind event last week, the greater Houston area was ravaged by hurricane-like winds which led to multiple fatalities, caused severe damage to homes, and left millions without power.

God’s Pit Crew volunteers have been hard at work in the area assisting with cleanup efforts after substantial flooding in Texas and were present for the deadly windstorm that moved through the area.  Now, a second group of volunteers will be deploying from Virginia-based God’s Pit Crew headquarters on Wednesday, May 22, to respond to the most recent storm damage.

Additional God’s Pit Crew semi-trucks and haulers equipped with chainsaws, tarps, and other equipment to assist with relief efforts will be on hand to cut and remove trees, remove debris, and tarp roofs.  Pallets of Blessing Buckets that were staged in Arkansas have also recently been delivered to the area to aid victims, as well.  Blessing Buckets are five-gallon buckets containing non-perishable food, water, hygiene items, first-aid kits, Bibles, and handwritten notes of encouragement.

God’s Pit Crew’s Immediate Disaster Response Team plans to remain in the Cleveland area serving flood victims through Wednesday, May 29, and will be assisting with windstorm relief efforts in Houston through Monday, June 3.

Individuals in need of assistance are asked to email ImmediateResponse@GodsPitCrew.org with their name, phone number, address, and a brief description of the scope of work that is needed.

Brandon Nuckles, God’s Pit Crew Chief Operating Officer, spoke of the ongoing efforts saying, “Our hearts break for everyone in Texas that has been impacted by devastating storm after storm.  We are blessed with selfless volunteers who are ready to jump into action to help whenever needed, and they’re doing just that.”

Nuckles explains that these much-needed, ongoing relief efforts are made possible by generous donors and partners that power the crews to deploy and serve.

“The countless people that sow into this ministry by volunteering their time and generously giving are providing hope to countless people who are experiencing a very dark moment in their lives,” said Nuckles.

For those looking to assist with God’s Pit Crew’s disaster response initiatives, volunteer and donation opportunities can be found by visiting GodsPitCrew.org or by calling and speaking to a representative at (434) 836-4472.

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