Phone operators consisting of God’s Pit Crew volunteers are busy preparing for the upcoming multi-day phone-a-thon presented by Christian media ministry leader Positive Alternative Radio (PAR).  The on-air fundraising drive is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, June 11, and take place through Friday, June 14.

The annual phone-a-thon drive will benefit the God’s Pit Crew Blessing Bucket program with all proceeds raised being used to fill Blessing Buckets with various critical supplies.  A Blessing Bucket is a five-gallon bucket filled with essential items such as food, water, hygiene products and much more.  Each Blessing Bucket also includes a Bible, a Joyce Meyer Ministries devotional, and handwritten notes of encouragement for the receiver.

Blessing Bucket Program Co-Director, Ruthie Jenkins, explained the impact these items make on hurting people experiencing times of disaster.

“People are extremely grateful to receive a Blessing Bucket after living through such devastating seasons of loss in their lives, and we are so blessed to be able to provide these critical items when they’re needed most,” said Jenkins.

“We are so grateful for the partnership with the PAR stations!  This fundraiser is a tremendous help in filling so many Blessing Buckets and providing hope to countless people.”

The on-air event is a great way to bring regional communities together for a worthy cause, as Blessing Buckets will be filled and then used to help people experiencing major devastation each time God’s Pit Crew responds to a disaster scene.  In 2023, over 20,000 Blessing Buckets were assembled and distributed to people in need across the nation.

“We are thrilled to continue the wonderful partnership with the Positive Alternative Radio stations that bring this event to life,” said Carly Brashears, God’s Pit Crew Media and Public Relations Director.

Those wishing to participate and donate during the on-air fundraising event will be able to call (844) 596-7322 each day of the phone-a-thon to speak to a God’s Pit Crew volunteer and place a donation.

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