God’s Pit Crew will honor a survivor from a devastating tornado that hit Kentucky in December 2021. The organization will recognize Autumn Hardin, a mother of two, at their benefit banquet “All Things Possible” tonight at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research. Hardin lost her home and her husband killed during the devastating tornado.

Soon after the tornado hit, God’s Pit Crew responded, helping survivors and committing to rebuild five homes in Kentucky and Tennessee, including Autumn’s. Autumn and her children received the keys and moved into their newly rebuilt, furnished, and decorated home last May.

God’s Pit Crew Founder/President Randy Johnson says, “We meet so many amazing and brave people in our work, but Autumn’s courage is special. We are very grateful we could build a new home for her and her children. We look forward to honoring Autumn and her family at our banquet and to recognizing all who help God’s Pit Crew serve hurting people in times of crisis.”


God’s Pit Crew deployed volunteers several times to Kentucky following the tornado and sent numerous tractor-trailer loads of supplies and Blessing Buckets filled with food, personal and hygiene items, a Bible, and an encouraging note. Our volunteers cut trees, removed debris, tarped roofs, and demoed homes. We also sent two semis of new toys for children.   

To support God’s Pit Crew and a make a donation click here.

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