The Henry County Memorial Day Ruck 22 will be held on Monday. The team that will complete the 22 mile ruck will begin at 3 am.

The 14 team members participating in the 22 mile ruck will carry 330 flags that were purchased to remember someone’s fallen loved ones. The proceeds from the flags will go to help two Veteran families in the area.

The creator of the Memorial Day Ruck, Patrick Rodgers, said the idea for the event originally came from wanting to honor his loved ones.

“It started out for me for my family, because I have a lot of military family and a lot have passed away and I was trying to think of a way that I could do that and involve others with their families as well. So, we set out as a fundraiser to make money that could be used for local Veteran families in need and at the same time promote some activity in the community and we can actually do what Memorial Day is for and remember those that came bef0re and are no longer with us,” said Rodgers.

Everyone is invited to meet the team at 10 am at the Dick & Willie trailhead at, 1094 Virginia Avenue in Martinsville, to finish the last 1.5 miles of the walk that will end at Roselawn Cemetery for the Memorial Day Ceremony.

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