For sale lumber 2 x 10, 16′ long, 434-793-9308 (2nd Call)

Looking for yard work, moving jobs, clean outs, for sale A/C units, 434-728-8029

For sale pedal pump reed organ, 434-489-3775

For sale burial plot and vault in Memorial Gardens, 434-685-3156

For sale classical albums, classical CDs, trunk, treadmill, 434-688-5035 (2nd Call)

Room for rent, 434-728-4445

For sale 2004 mobile home, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, located off Piney Forest Rd. 434-549-1510

For sale cultivators, jitterbug ripper, 434-836-4555


Can’t join us on the phones? No problem!!  Submit your items to our online Mailbag!

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